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Monday, February 18, 2008

SIX more days before i heading to china for oitp! (:
today headed down to jp and je in search of my jacket and scarf with my mum,
cos my mum say one jacket is not enough to tahan fer 3 weeks (:
alrite thn, manage to buy everything in one day! HAHA!

and i heard joel complainin to me that, " oh mind, i left to china a week before you and come back one mth later than you"!! HAHA! i realised how fortunate i am uh, to complete oitp with just three weeks! and meet up with my class last friday after their dreadful week! but before tat, ive alr prepared myself for suan-ing by kaze n gang cos im nt hafing 2mths of itp, yeah, my prediction is alway correct, it happened! haha!!

and something surpised me last nite, glenn talk to me on msn! i wonder how hurricane blow him to talk to me! haha! i tot he wanting to lend equipment initially from our club but in the end he asking me to be gl fer his camp! i became wondering did he talk to the wrong person, askin a year 3 to be a gl? i hesistated for awhile, wondering if im overage to be a gl, too old for it etc etc.. too many things to consider!! but in the end, i agree to it as i tink he really need ppl to help out!
so gg to school on wed fer gl selection, yes is selection, mayb i wun be selected anyway (: haha!

oh yah! bball-ing at clementi on saturday! a new environment! (:
once in a while is okay i tink, but continuously i will be dead of travelling!
and you noe jianming dun like to travel, is a waste of human's precious life you see!
but sleeping is inevitable ): shack!!

if im not wrong, i need to fill in my itp log book last week already!
but i only attended the director's meeting and oitp briefin on tuesday!
so i got four more days to fill in, without ANYTHING!
im so in deep shit now and i dunnoe what to fill in, the lecturer told us to fill in doing research for china etc but but ..... HAHA! but nvm, waimeng has helped me to solve tis crucial problem!

alrite chinatown tml for the oitp session alrite! to understand the chinese culture better i tink, and the worst thing is INJECTION TML ): walauu ehhh!

posted at 9:38 PM

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


although im abit late, but exam are offically over man! results are another case but i manage to finish all the 4 tests and 3 exam (:

those few weeks are a terror i tell you, i dread every day fer liberty to arrive at 31 dec 16:10:01pm to come, thus ending my endless sleepless night, lecture notes with me all the times etc! after my exam, is my endless medical appointment checkups at various locations! thn chionging to buy mine cny clothes! everythings seem so rush this year! (:

then hafing a steamboat with my family on CNY eve (: thn i realised ive been to chinatown neither on the eve of CNY or preparation of CNY! haha!!

CNY day 1 - headed to new york new york fer dinner and down to the bay of esplande to see the i also dunnoe how to say places (: haha! thn after tat meet up with waimeng to see CJ7 at 2.20am! oh mind! i dozed off cineleisure while waiting fer the movie lah! lol.. thn we walk frm orchard to clark quay to cityhall thn all the way to tiong bahru to wait fer the first train to start!

CNY day 2 - my relative came to our hse fer dinner (: lots of things to catch up with (:

subsequently, dad's fren came visit our hse etc etc! haha!! (:

alrite (: for others it might be the commerce of itp, but im waiting fer mine oitp to start! haha.. everyday start either with an P and end with a Y, P-L-A-Y or start with an S and end with a K, S-L-A-C-K! oh mind! went fer the director's meeting today fer oitp, as usual im late again but im not the lateST! haha! then after tat splited into two grps, one to china and other to indo fer individual briefing! seems lye everything is almost settle on the school side, but fer my own side, i din even brought anything yet! lol.. although initially i tot that fer the next 2 weeks we need to come sch everyday fer meetings, it turn out that fer the 2 weeks we only meet 2 times! HAHA! somemore my oitp only last fer 3 weeks compared to others 2 months or 5 weeks! haha! ample time fer me to enjoy before gg to china and more-than- enough time fer me to rest before semester start again! HAHA! well things seem well plan (: and im hoping tis trip turn out well fer the 15 of us and fer the rest whom are hafin itp! JIAYOU alrite (:

after the meeting, headed back home first while gg to meet wh and ch fer ah long pte ltd! quite a funny show (: HAHA!!

posted at 11:54 PM

Friday, January 4, 2008

helloo (: 4 days has passed since the celebration of new year and life has been getting back on track back to studying!
adieu 2007, welcoming 2008! my mum has take action to sort out her numerous album of foto stackin up in her cupboard to make space for new items for chinese new year (:
can't resist my kpo-ness, i went to flip through all the ablums tat conprise of my parents when they are young, dating, wedding, the times when go honeymoon and overseas together, after my oldest sister has born, followed by my second elder sister etc etc, from black & white foto to colour picture. Till then i realised i played a minor part in the yang's family as im born very late in 89's. a gap of 9 yrs frm my sec sis and 12 yr frm my eldest sister (: looking through the past wad my parents and sister been through is interesting with the explaination of my mum, althou ive nvr haf a chance to experience it, but i knew life has been simple back in the past (: the retro hair tat my dad had, the glamourous smile my mum has added on with my constant sarcastic remarks i made with their style filled the living room with laughter (: through the fotos, i seem wad my parent has been through together back in the past, their joy when carrying my eldest sis in their hand etc all those put a smile on my face!

sometimes ppl jus keep on going forward hastly and majorities of ppl arnd jus concern how far you haf gone, the only ppl that concern whether you are tired of gg forward is ur family! but majorities take it for granted inclding me! so i got a new resolution fer 2008, to understand my family more (:

posted at 10:04 PM

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

smile (:
twist (:

BYEBYE 2007, WELCOME 2008 (:

seem like '07 passes by in a blink of an eye, as fast as it be!
another typical year fer jianming, a balance of good things and bad ones!
2008 arrived instantly and soon it wil be 2009! how i wishes time can be slowly this year (:
as im browsing my entries jus now, this is some major events happened (:
  1. in the organisin commitee fer the ADD fer sch of BE, is a nice experience for me! (: (feb)
  2. headed to japan for holiday, nice country with nice people! (march)
  3. organising F.O 07/08 camp with cadc peeps (feb- april)
  4. organishing F.O 07/08 telematch with cadc peeps (feb-april)
  5. im promoted to YEAR 2! hahaha!! (april)
  6. in a new class of dpfm 2a/01, a nice class with nice and funny people (:(april)
  7. agl in F.O 07/08 camp with primer peeps! (may)
  8. brought N73 music edition, yeah (: (may)
  9. cookie monster @ food and heritage tour, namely waimeng, joel and shuxian (: (may)
  10. join hockey for a few mths ( may-aug)
  11. JIANMING is finally EIGHTEEN (: wahaha!! (aug)
  12. attended ice camp 07/08! noe nice ppl arnd the club (: (sep)
  13. join squash (: (sep)
  14. annual gathering of sec 4A 04/05 (: (nov)
  15. attended squash camp (: (dec)
  16. xmas celebration at orchard (: (dec)
  17. purchase of E65 (: (dec)
  18. haf a different celebration on new year eve (:(dec)

DANGDANG! this is wad JIANMING accomplished in '07! (: althou is not as glamourous as others, but im contented with wad i have done! a fulfilling 2007 (:

im glad learnt some new things in '07 (: learning the basic technique of hockey and squash (: and some friends cross and left my path! maybe is inevitable bah! but i hope i can revive those whom haf left my path in '08 (: haha!! nose bleed, eye infection pls pls go away (:


  1. hope everyone is healthy, and please cure my consistent nose bleed and eye infection (:
  2. dun be LATE fer lecture and every outing (:
  3. be a good frend and be nice to people
  4. hope my OITP in china turn out well (:
  5. good grade pleasssee (: at least 3.0? HAHA
  6. stay happy fer the rest of '08
  7. BU NENG SHOU DE MI MI! haha!
  8. well, concluding my year 07 events and '08 new resolution! hope jianming can accomplishes his targeted resolution (:

DANGDANG! and this new year eve i din spent with my sec bballmates in orchard this year! but im so glad tat the past 4 year we've celebrated is a happy one kay (: but it seems like we are cursed every year to watch a lousy movie on the early mornin of a new year (: haha!

The new year eve was spend fulfilling with waimeng, qingyan, charmaine, shimin! and im the first one to reach lakeside mrt can (: DANG DANG! '08 din even reach yet im haf accomplished one of my resolution! (: haha!! after everyone arrived we set off the cineleisure for our kboxing session (: quality time spended, althou fer the consistent irritation by waimeng who din need the mic, we still haf a nice time (: HAHA! and this is the start of another irritation by qingyan who keep on ' bu yong ma fan le'-ing thruout the whole day! charmaine came to find us during our endin part of the session and we headed down to cathy to purchase our tix fer national treasure at 2am plus before walkin down to cityhall fer our dinner (: we walk arnd after hafin out dinner before we headed down to esplanade! but after we arrived there we discover we are too early fer the firework! so we take a long route from esplanade to the highway thn back to marina square due to the blockage of highway by the police. In the end, we settle at marina square with view of floating platform (: the firwork burst out in the dark sky upon reaching 2008 (: the firework was spendid which made us go wow with every shot! we rush back asap to cathy fer national treasure (: nice show with funny interval in btw (: haha! after tat we headed to clark quay's central fer night rider all the back to home (:



posted at 2:12 PM

Monday, November 19, 2007

neglected my blog partially due to my mst and my laziness to blog! haha!

erm, life seem in a rountine now and then, revolve arnd school and after school activites.

haha! after today crs lecture, it added on that true friends are hard to find (: well well, is seem really true you see, is hard to find a true fren in poly and even harder when u are workin in e society! yesyes for my case, but im glad to say i haf found some few true fren in poly, my sec sch classmate whom we stick thru during our hard times and my bball fren in sec sch; some even frm my pri sch till now! how u define true fren? iszit someone tat you noe whn u are in a hardtime, they will lend you a helping hand and back you up when no one else believe you (: thus, it make me wonder when choonwee say ive so many fren arnd the campus much more than him after recent meetup with him at fc! but does it matter? cos majorities of them are really hi-bye fren but some are those tat can really tok to but not tat close! but most of the time i still stick to my classmate or waimeng at school! haha! yesyes! too much fren also trouble, too less fren also trouble, guess life is a trouble too (:

headed to town and bugis with my wh and gang (: and kenny got gf le uh! the whole day im suaning him tat he got a gf! oh mind, so funny! guess his life are revolving arnd his gf le uh! initally plan to watch movie! (: but in the end we ended up in soeul garden dinning (: damn full lah, i stuff everything frm breakfast till supper into my stomach! haha! thn went to pub arnd ghoby ghat area! nice drinkin and singin session althou i din drink (: HAHA! im a guai boy can!

posted at 9:19 PM

Thursday, October 18, 2007

helloooo ppl (: seem tat ive kinda neglected my blogs this few dayss yeahh, but im jus so so lazy to blog lah, boring lecture turn me off and i can't seem to find anything nice to blog about! grrr!


went to shuxian burfday party celebration at bishan with wm, alfred,wq in cafe cartel! wj working there thn initally we eaten 120 buck worth of food, but in the end we only paid 80 plus! i dunnoe how he do it, but lucky he manage to do it! haha! nice catch ur with alfred and gang (: thn later lixuan, cuixia and guowei came and find us (: after tat, wq offered a ride to yishun! the journey there is so hilarious la! wahaha! thn home sweet home


pontan ct tutorial cos squash training is cancel! HAHA! initally tot wanting to go to hwa chong open hse with dick and waimeng, but in the end up in cineleisure lahh! went to collect my N73 before tat! phew, finally my fone is back (: we headed to watch resident evil: extinction (: the show damn nice nia, ppl you all should watch alrite (: thn after tat wm headed hm while i and dick went to meet dick and yixiang at wisma (: haha! and they went to pub before i headed home! haha!


headed to town with timothy nia! oh mind, went to catch balls of fury at lido! we will so stun when we enter the cinema cos it seem so run down can! $9.50 for a lack of ambience threatre! grrr! kana cheated again! but lucky the movie save the day! the show is damn hilarious can! oh minD! is seem tat i can't stop laughin thruout the movie! nice show ppl (:


headed to ecp with timothy and melissa fer bladin (: im so so late nia! so sorry for the both of them waiting fer me! thank you! and we went blading arnd and haf fun, minus the parts where some of us fell down onto the hard concrete grd! timothy takecare of ur butt yeahh! wahaha! dining with benji at bedok before heading home (:


finally a break yeahh (: went home immediately after school, hoping to rush to the polyclinic to see my eyes infection! grrr! the stupid bloodshot has been with me fer nearly 5 months le lahh, im so frustrated can! grr! in the end, the polyclinic closed lehh! grrrr! qi si wo leh la! i tink during intercons i also dun need wear contact len le! went back to play some ps2 (: HAHA!


lecture till 5 pm and headed fer bball trainin with the yr 1s! haha! in the end, the weather seem like opposing us and it came a downpour lahh! grrr! in the end, i went to watch girls ivp bball with allan, melissa and the yr 1s! haha! damn funny lah, after tis i tink we all will go NUS NO.7 jiayou! WAHAHA!


went for gem presentation after school! well, i tink we did kinda of well! lol.. but i tink we kinda screw up the other grp presentation cos they've only two ppl and they need some ppl to act out thier skit and they wan us to help them! sooooo.... kinda of screw up! HAHA! erm, went to debate final after tat with allan and timothy! lol.. after tat haf a nice chat with joshua and allan! lol.. the conversation are so funny can! lol.. the after tat melissa came n meet us and went back home tgt while i headed to je to meet my classmate for kbox session (: haha! sing until 11 plus la! luckily thrus lesson start at 1pm! HAHA!


went fer capball trainin today (: but before tat headed to the field with allan to play soccer lahhh! (: i love playing soccer at the field lah, then got the feeling call soccer can! street soccer not fun de lah! LOL.. thn headed to bball crt to for capball trainin! (: thn in the end i also ended play bball with allan nia! lol.. thn after tat hastely take taxi near to allan hse as he wan to see fer stefany on tvee! HAHA! thn we take bus back home (


squash trainin (: haha! the coach came today and the way he speak is so funny la! lol.. oh mind! playing squash till 10 plus nia! and saw mentoring club hafin camp! lol.. thn i and timonty walk here and there wherre the camper are gathering lah cos cos ..... BU NENG SHOU DE MI MI! haha!! thn a suddenly surpise during my way back! (: SMILE!! hahaha!


headed to polyclinic to cure my EYE INFECTION! walauu ehhh, nvr go to polyclinic to see doctor on saturday morning okayyy! i waited fer almost 2 hrs lahh! i was semi conscious! dunnoe whether to slp or not later skip my turn how? and i got my deferment to hospital for my eyes leh! aiyahh, so sian lahhhh! GRR! thn after tat went to cut my hair (: thn went to hke to play bball till 6 plus! HAHA!

posted at 11:51 AM

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


went squashing after school (: nice time with the squash peep! and screw those ice camper who shouted chichi when they saw me! grr!


headed to the blks near hkss fer bbq to celebrate wh and sh advance burfday celebration! quite alot of ppl came and we haf fun chatting and suaning one another too!
fun fun fun (: and my bball keychain broke again le nia! sometink bad gg to happen ):


headed fer bball trainin after school (: see see, i told you! my fone spoilt! ):


my N73 spoilt le lah! grrr! went fer repair at suntec in the evening! now im thinkin whether to wear contact len fer tml friendly anot! grrr! sian lah! ):

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